An evening with George Smiley

Nog niks te doen donderdag 7 september? Ga dan alsjeblieft naar de bios! John Le Carré, één van ’s wereld’s bekendste schrijvers deelt de geheimen achter zijn meest bekende boekpersonage George Smiley. LIVE! John Le Carré is schrijver van Koude Oorlog novels als The Spy Who Came in from the Cold en Tinker Tailor Soldier [...]

5 Questions, 1 Author: Veronica Henry

To be honest I never read anything by Veronica Henry before my Instagram feed got hijacked by her latest book ‘How to Find Love in a Bookshop’. Because the title sounds like the most adorable read ever I instantly ordered it. While reading it occurs to me Veronica is really good in visual writing; I [...]

5 Questions, 1 Author: Katharine McGee

When I was sightseeing in Copenhagen for a few days with my best friend I brought my Kindle. An e-reader on holiday is always the best option; all your favourite books can travel with you in your purse, what's not to like! The YA novel The Thousandth Floor by Katharine McGee was on my TBR-list [...]

5 questions, 1 author: Michelle Schlicher

A while back, I got a direct message on Instagram, it was a writer named Michelle Schlicher, and she was asking if I was willing to read her book, and maybe if I could write a review? I was over the moon! Did an actual writer just asked me to read and review her book? This [...]