About me

Hey you!

I am Kristin Rose and I read… a lot!

My Bookstagram journey started when I had the devastating realisation I can’t always bother people with an endless stream of words about the book I am current

ly reading or my Goodreads obsession.

Believe it or not, but my bookish-enthusiasm is not always well received by my friends who A. don’t read (aka the nonbelievers) or B. don’t read the same books I do and/or C. are suffering from exhaustion by hearing me talk about some writer I recently found out about and want need me to shut up.

So, here’s where you guys come in! The people who are just as much interested in everything book related as I am!

I knew I wasn’t alone! Yaay!

Please let me know what you think of the books I write about, what you are reading, where your favourite reading spot is, which writers you adore, or hate and… well, you get my point  : )

Have fun!


Kristin Rose

P.s. You want to reach out to me? You can! I am very happy to hear from you! Just fill in the form you can find at the bottom of this page!


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