Worth following: Insta-rijmert @jennaececelia

Jennae Cecilia is zoals ik dat noem een ‘Insta-rijmert’. De Instagram accounts met getalenteerde poeeten vliegen me de laatste tijd om de oren, zo ook Jennae Ceclia, die naar eigen zeggen ‘uplifting poetry’ schrijft. Jennae heeft al drie boekjes met gedichten uitgebracht waaronder Bright Minds, Empty Souls, I Am More Than a Daydream en Uncaged Wallflower.

Ik heb Jennae geïnterviewd omdat ik nieuwsgierig was wie Jennae precies is en wat er allemaal achter haar Instagram account schuilgaat. Het interview is wel in het Engels aangezien Jennae uit Amerika komt!

Can you tell us a little bit more about yourself

Hi, my name is Jennae Cecelia and I am a poetess, dreamer, and believer. I am in love with being outside in nature whether it is hiking, walking, camping, etc. Being around the green grass and growing flowers makes me happy. It is also the environment I can write best in.  On top of being a writer, I also teach online classes for those looking to self-publish their own work.

Why did you start writing poems

When I was in high school I first started writing poetry, but at the time I didn’t know it was actually poetry.  With the rise of modern poetry, I started to realize these small quotes I was writing were something people enjoyed.  That lead me to publish my first poetry book, Bright Minds Empty Souls.

When did you know this was something you meant to share with the world through Instagram

I first found the writers community on Instagram in the fall of 2015.  That is when I decided to start sharing less of my own personal photos of selfies and food,  and I started posting poems I wrote in my journal or quotes I typed in the typewriter app on my phone.  Using the right hashtags and interacting with other writers, helped me to build up a following of readers.

Where do you get your inspiration from

My inspiration comes from my own personal experiences.  I find it very hard to write about topics that I personally haven’t gone through.  So all of my poems stem from some area of my life.

Do you ever feel awkward/exposed while sharing these deep emotions through your poems

At first, it was hard to share my poems with family members or friends.  The people it is easiest to share my poems with are the people I don’t know personally.  When I do get a message from a reader telling me about how much a poem meant to them or how they could relate, that makes me extremely proud as a writer. If my own experience can help others through their problems, then I am doing my job the way I intended.

Do you see yourself as a full-time writer in a few years

Yes, hopefully within the next year I can focus my time on just being a full-time writer.

What is your favorite book in the whole world (novel/poems)

My favorite book in the whole world would have to be The Catcher in the Rye.  That book found me at a time in my life that I needed it most. While I have many favorite books that one has just always stuck with me.

Thank you Jennae for your answers and your awesome poetry!! Keep rocking Instagram!!



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