How do you choose your next read?

Let’s be honest, I don’t really get to choose my next read. My mind goes bananas for books, so scrolling through my Bookstagram feed for me is like a dog chasing squirrels, I want it all and I want it NOW. So when my book-high ends I realize I ordered at least three different books that somehow caught my attention. When they arrive I read a bit, if I don’t like it I move on to the next just as long until I am really digging a book and then I keep going.

Any of this sounds familiar?

Also I get influenced by my level of stress (YA or self-help-ish books are my weapon of choice when stressed), my TBR-pile that keeps staring at me, websites, covers (I am a BIG cover-lover, and it can change my opinion on a book in a second), recommendations by friends or of course the good old world wide web.

I am reading Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan right now, but it took me a while (even one book) to realize I wanted to read it. So I got intrigued; what makes you pick a certain book on a certain time? Then I came across this handy website called ‘Opening the Book’ and basically you can filter what you’re in the mood for and it gives you a list of suggestions. Ideal for someone like me who has decision-anxiety!

Then again, the stubborn reader (like me) will not like the first few suggestions… ah the life of a serial-reader!

Curious? Check out my Bookstagram account


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