5 Questions, 1 Author: Veronica Henry

To be honest I never read anything by Veronica Henry before my Instagram feed got hijacked by her latest book ‘How to Find Love in a Bookshop’. Because the title sounds like the most adorable read ever I instantly ordered it.

While reading it occurs to me Veronica is really good in visual writing; I can see, feel and almost smell anything she writes!

You know a book is a success when you are sad it ended, and I was (and to be honest, still am!).

Luckily Veronica apparently is a successful writer (shame on me!) with several books on her name, which all sound lovely

Because of my fascination with writers like Veronica I just send her a message if she would like to answer some questions of mine, and she did!

Have fun reading another ‘5 questions, 1 author’!

KR: I absolutely LOVED ‘How to find love in a bookshop’ how did you came up with the idea?

VH: I always like to write about places I would like to be and that make me feel happy, like the seaside. I was in a bookshop one day and I thought ‘I love it in here. This is my happy place. I should set a book here.’ I used to work in a bookshop when I was younger, so I had the background. The Story just appeared to me after that.

KR: How long did it take you to write ‘How to find love in a bookshop’?

VH: About a year – I spent a lot of time browsing in bookshops to get the atmosphere and the characters right
KR: How is it possible your writing is so visual? When I read your novel I am completely in another world!

VH: I used to write for television in England, for drama series, so I am used to painting pictures with words. I want people to be able to see my imaginary places and characters so I work hard to bring them to life, picking the best words and descriptions until the reader can feel and smell and touch everything.

KR:Which character in this book are you most proud of and why?

VH: I love Julius, although he is more of a presence than a character in the book. He seems a perfect man – strong and kind and clever and a great friend – and handsome too.  And a great father. Everything!!! And his love of books is there through all the stories.

KR: I’ve read you still use pen and paper to write your novels, don’t you get lost more easily then when you would use a computer? Or is it really about the ritual?

VR: I use a pen and paper to start with, when I am thinking up the stories and the characters, because I love doodling and thinking with my pen. I also cut up magazines to give me inspiration, and make a board on Pinterest with any images that are iportant to the theme of the book. But when I write, I use a laptop, so I can make changes as I go along. Then I print out the manuscript and scribble all over it, before re-writing again.

Thank you again Veronica. It was so kind of you to answer my questions!

Want to know more about this awesome writer? Check out Veronica’s website! 

Curious? Check out my Bookstagram account



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