Garbage man dreams

Ok, so everyone gets homesick once in a while right? You are away from home and when thinking about that place that suddenly feels like heaven you feel even more sad and wish you had a magic button so you could just be there in a heartbeat.

It’s something most of us feel ashamed by. Finally you are on your well deserved and much nagged for vacation. Hopefully lying on a Bounty-esque white beach with a cocktail in hand. But then the thoughts come rolling in. How are the ones you love. Are they ok? How is your house, is it on fire? Is your dog/cat/turtle coping? Did you turn off the stove?

Before you know it you are panicking about the garbage man not being able to survive without you, and it feels like the ground is sucked from underneath you.

This, ladies and gentleman is called ‘feeling homesick’ (and fantasising about your garbage man is never a good sign).

There are a few obvious things you can do:

  • positive thinking (cocktail, white beach, palmtree, cocktail, white beach, palmtree, cocktail..)
  • think of home (but just a few minutes! allow yourself to be there just a brief moment)
  • stay active (boredom leads to thinking so get up and go help the bartender make some sick ass cocktails!)

But when all of the above doesn’t help, I have a magic trick up my literature sleeve! While packing my bag to go travel I looked at my bookcase and realised; you can bring home with you!

When life didn’t feel safe, I had my Harry Potter book with me at all times. Just the thought of it made me feel more calm. There was a place I could hide. I just needed to get my home away from home out of my bag and hide in Hogwarts until I felt at ease.

Not only the lucky ones on that white beach, but also refugees, children sleeping in a different bed for the first time, or adults coping with hard times can benefit from carrying their homes with them at all time.

If you see someone who seems lost, give them a book. Let’s make the world a better place one page at a time!

Curious? Check out my Bookstagram account!


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