The Sun Is Also A Star – Nicola Yoon

As a tremendous Nicola Yoon fan I was over the moon when I saw this pretty cover of ‘The Sun Is Also A Star’ brightening my Instagram feed!


Then again, I had trouble to begin reading. Everything Everything (Nicola’s first book) was so good, how in the world can this new book be quite as good or even better?! Also the name was kind of a turn off for me, it sounded to artsyfartsy, but it’s Nicola Yoon so what can you do then just shut up and read? =)

The Sun Is Also A Star is about Daniel, Natasha and many others. The seventeen year old Natasha is about to be deported back to Jamaica and on a mission to stop this. Daniel is an A-student Korean guy, trying to live up to his parents expectations. When Daniel decides he will let fate lead his day he comes across Natasha and is blown away.

I loved the concept of the connection between two people and the meaningful relationships that can be build in just one day.

I loved that Daniel and Natasha are complete opposites. Natasha is down to earth and science is her religion. Daniel is floating somewhere between earth and the Milky way while writing poems. He believes in love at first sight and on this particular day he finds it.schermafbeelding-2017-01-04-om-19-19-06

I loved that this book explains why characters act how they act. Everyone gets a history page in the book, so you know why they react in a certain way. It reminded me to not judge a book by it’s cover. Everyone’s got a story leading to the point of breaking your heart for no apparent reason, that story is necessary to understand, to move on and to forgive this person, even though it’s just someone cutting in line.

I especially admired that the great lesson of not judging didn’t come from the fact that Natasha is from Jamaica and Daniel is Korean, which would be the obvious thing to do.schermafbeelding-2017-01-04-om-19-19-19

The one tiny little thing which struck me (not necessarily in a bad way) a few pages in, is that so many books these days are written in a certain way; characters are alternated, like:

-Holding Up The Universe

-All The Bright Places

-I’ll Give You The Sun


Every book was amazing; don’t get me wrong, but i’m afraid it’s something that is getting old now. In the case of The Sun Is Also A Star it strengthened the story.

I am not sure if I liked The Sun Is Also A Star better then Everything Everything, but it definitely made me feel like my faith in humanity actually was restored. The end gave me butterflies, and if a book can do that, it has a solid spot on the shelve in my heart.

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