Heroes of the Frontier – Dave Eggers

Ever since I read The Circle, Dave Eggers is one of my favourite writers. When I heard about Heroes of the Frontier I was over the moon; another few potential nights of not sleeping! Yay!


Heroes of the Frontier is about Josie, mother of two little kids; Ana and Paul. Josie has had enough of her douche bag ex husband and is forced to leave her dentist practice. So she takes off with her kids, rents an RV called ‘Chateau’ and drives through Alaska.

I liked all characters especially the passionate red headed daughter Ana who I imagined to be a little cute human-like monster, running into everything and biting everyone.

Her brother Paul is very wise for his age, and is the care taker of the family. Most of the times he gets his sister (and mother) out of trouble.

I hate to say this but I didn’t like Josie that much. For a woman who flees the country, she doesn’t come off the power woman I expected her to be. And that’s my whole thing with this book; the beautiful (!) cover and intro suggest a ‘grand power woman flees country by RV and dusts off her wanderlust’ kind of story, but what we got was a common woman who makes a lot of weird decisions, leaving her children to take care of themselves.

I did have a few good laughs, but I guess I was expecting a little more woman empowering road tripping magic and a little less woman stuck in midlife crisis.

Still, my love for Dave Eggers isn’t lost, i’m afraid i have a life long obligation to buy and cherish his books, even if it’s just for the cover!

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Heroes of the Frontier


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