Holding Up the Universe – Jennifer Niven

Holding Up the Universe is still in my bag, even though I finished it a week ago.

Why? Well, I simply can’t seem to let go of Jack and Libby!


Libby is finally ready for high school after losing the weight she gained by eating her grief away for losing her mum. She became so big, they had to use a tow truck in order for Libby to get out of her house. You can imagine the horror she went through.

Jack is a special appearance; popular, handsome, and suffers from prosopagnosia aka ‘face blindness’, which makes a really interesting character. I never read a more accurate description of someone who is unwanted popular. His friends bully people, and he has a lot of trouble coping with that.

*spoiler alert*

Jack and Libby meet when Jack is forced to participate in the game of ‘fat girl rodeo’. He grabs her, and doesn’t let go. Of course Libby punches him right in the face, because that’s what heroins do. A special connection is born.

Every step of their way to become more then enemies I enjoyed so much. I related to both of them. Every word was written with care, and that make the most remarkable novels.

One note of criticism:

When Libby wears her purple bikini, and pulls a bold move by parading herself at school to stop body shaming I got goose bumps, it was so empowering. But I also felt kind of guilty that Libby was able to do that. A LOT of girls don’t have the courage to pull such a stunt, and they need to know that that is also ok.

You can just scroll through my Instagram feed to know that I’m not kidding; I LOVED this book. It made me laugh, cry, goose bumpy and genuinely happy! READ IT!

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Holding Up the Universe


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