Grief Is the Thing With Feathers – Max Porter

The main reason I am addicted to books is that every time I open one my heart skips a beat. I am hoping to find that one secret you may discover between the lines that will change your perception of reality forever.

In only 114 pages this poem like novel made me cry and stole my heart.


For anyone who has ever lost somebody special in their lives, this is a reminder you have to embrace grief in order to let go of it.

This family loses a wife and mom, what remains is a devastated father and his two heartbroken sons.

When Crow arrives at the family’s doorstep the father is scared as hell, but the Crow refuses to leave until all the sadness is gone.

The boys and their father learn how to cope with their terrifying loss by embracing grief, which is, in this case, in the form of Crow.

Good things usually come in small packages right? After reading Max Porter’s first novel “Grief Is the Thing With Feathers” I believe this saying is most accurate!

I found a secret on every page, about grief, about life, about coping with loss. It will remind me to feel every heartache, even though it hurts like shit.

It was a magical read, I’ll not forget quickly!

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Grief Is the Thing with Feathers


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