This Is Where It Ends – Marieke Nijkamp

What a tremendous difficult job it must be to describe the thoughts of the students who become the victims of a school shooting is my thought when I am reading the first few pages of This Is Where It Ends.
I caught myself wanting to read this book from cover to cover in less then five minutes, but not for the right reasons, but because it’s such a high charged issue, that has a sick level of appeal which, I can say now, am not comfortable with.


While reading This Is Where It Ends I got a little agitated by myself. How much I wanted to read on and on about something which is such a real topic now a days scared me. This story is written in such a popular way, that people want to binge read it, and that makes me feel a little sick.

***Spoiler alert***

The story wasn’t well constructed in my eyes. You immediately fall into all the thoughts of too many characters who were also very hard to bond with, because: 1. There was no time to bond and 2. I felt like the writer gave the characters a background story for the sake of needing one to accomplish this novel, so I never really got to care for a character.

When the feeling occurred Ms. Nijkerk picked this topic to create commotion, and not to write a well written novel for the numerous time, I was done. But I wanted to continue reading, and I’ll give her that, She can write in a compelling way, not sure if she can do it again about a less violent issue though.

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This Is Where It Ends


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