The sky is everywhere – Jandy Nelson

Ok, so, I started my Jandy Nelson adventure with her latest book ‘I’ll give you the sun’. Never would I have thought that a writer could pull this kind of writing off two times in a row, and certainly not while writing her debut, but she actually did!


The sky is everywhere is about 17 year old Lennie. She recently lost her sister Bailey, and is obviously devastated. Their mom left them to travel around the world and Bailey and Lennie used to think of all the adventures their mom left them for.

Lennie lives with her gram and casanova uncle. The setting made me feel very homie. Like all Jandy Nelson characters each one of them really sticks with you, and become your new deeply cherished family.

Throughout the book you’ll find beautiful little poems Lennie left behind for her sister at random places like on a coffee cup left under a bridge.

From: The sky is everywhere by Jandy Nelson

While all this grief is happening Lennie falls in love with her new bandmate Joe, but also finds comfort in Bailey’s boyfriend Tobey. It’s the most difficult and heartbreaking thing; Lennie is struggling becoming an adult, coping with heavy grief and being in love for the very first time.

I read a comment about ‘the sky is everywhere’ on Goodreads, it said: ‘I loved it, and now I need to give up writing’. Well, that sums it up for me. Jandy Nelson is the queen of turning stories into pure art.

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Xo Kristin Rose

The Sky Is Everywhere


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