I’ll give you the sun – Jandy Nelson

I’ll give you the sun is the most heartbreaking book I read in a very long time. I sometimes feel I should part from YA, because of my age, but then a book like this comes along and I fall in love again.


Noah and Jude are twins who, like most twins, are inseparable, until something happens what makes them become two instead of one.

The book seems to be knitted together by beautiful sentences, which I all wanted to write down just to feel closer to the words.

It’s interesting how the whole story is told by Noah and Jude. They take turns telling what happened in their lives, so as a reader you feel kind of responsible for them, because you are the only one to understand how they feel and why they act the way they do. It’s book-character-bonding (yes, it’s a real thing!) on a whole other level.

Noah and Jude are very into art which is why the cover of the book and some of the pages have such a lovely design. What I really admired while reading was Noah’s thinking in art.

For example: ‘PORTRAIT, SELF-PORTRAIT: Brother and Sister on a Seesaw, Blindfolded’ and ‘Jude barfs bright blue fluorescent barf all over the table, but I’m the only one who notices’. It makes the novel feel magical instead of ordinary.

The story of Noah and Jude is a tale of love of all kinds. Put together extremely delicately and if I could frame it I would.

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Xo Kristin Rose

I'll Give You the Sun


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