Dark Matter – Blake Crouch

I. Loved. Dark Matter.

There, I said it. I’ll give you the sun has to move over for a more dingy story; Dark Matter by Blake Crouch.


The very first few pages were triggering. I didn’t need any time to get into the story, from the very beginning I was sucked in. It only took me two days to finish this little gem. Two days of fulltime work mind you! So really, I couldn’t leave the book alone.

Dark Matter made me think of the Matrix without it being to science fictiony (which it is not!). It’s about Jason who lives a perfect middle-class life with his wife Daniela and son Charlie. The only thing bugging him is his career. Daniela and him both set aside their careers (art and science) to raise Charlie who came by accident.

One evening Jason goes out to make a quick stop at his friends celebration of a project he was suppose to accomplish. When he’s done defending his decision to not dedicate his life to his career he leaves, and his life will never be the same after he steps out that bar.

*Spoiler alert*

Dark Matter is a thriller, but really at the end I felt it was the biggest love story i’ve read this year! Jason needs to find his way back to his family by visiting many parallel worlds. When his journey started I was afraid the story would develop in a Scorch Trials type of book (no offence, but it isn’t that original anymore) but it turned out great!

I was really impressed by how much this story had an effect on me. The moment I closed the book I was both satisfied with how Jason’s adventure turned out and had a new life-appreciation. Well done Blake Crouch!

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Dark Matter


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